Mme Ana Pavlovic-Gagnante du colloque

3/12/2019 - Ana's abstract is selected for an oral presentation !

Ana will give a talk at the 60th National Student Research Forum, held in Galveston, Texas in April, congratulations Ana !


3/5/2019 - 1st lab anniversary

Menard Lab is already one year old ! 🎉


1/3/2019 - Quebec Science top 10 discoveries of 2018 !

Honored that our Nature Neuro paper was selected as one of the top 10 discoveries of 2018 by the Quebec Science magazine !!!

Le lien entre stress et dépression mis au jour

Mme Ana Pavlovic-Gagnante du colloque

11/23/2018 - Congratulations Ana !

Ana won the 1st prize at the annual UniversitĂ© Laval MD research day for her oral presentation, well deserved 🙂



11/7/2018 - Paper alert (Kaufmann & Menard) !

Was a pleasure to write this Neuron Preview highlighting outstanding work from Leng et al. on astrocyte-mediated inflammation and depression. Great job Fernanda !



10/22/2018 - New lab member !

Katarzyna Dudek, PhD student in Neurobiology at Université Laval and new recruit of the Menard lab


9/28/2018 - New lab member !

Juliette Paul, MD student at Université Laval and new recruit of the Menard lab


9/17/2018 - New lab member !

Laurence Dion-Albert, soon MSc student (currently completing her bachelor in Neuroscience at UdeM) and new recruit of the Menard lab


8/15/2018 - 3 proud students and the very 1st Menard lab poster !

Congratulations Endji, Ana and Ellen (bonus, Endji got an A+) ! 🙂


7/11/2018 - New paper out (Menard & Russo) !

News & Views in Nature Biomedical Engineering on ATAC, a technique combining focused ultrasound to open the blood-brain barrier, AAVs and DREADDs to modulate cell circuits and behaviors. Outstanding work from Szablowski et al.


6/25/2018 - New lab member !

Ana Pavlovic, MD student and new recruit of the Menard lab

Manon Lebel

6/4/2018 - New lab members !

Welcome Manon, research associate & lab manager


Ellen, visiting undergraduate student in Human Genetics from Trinity College Dublin !


5/9/2018 - Official announcement of the Sentinel North Research Chair !

Menard lab is grateful to be supported by the Sentinel North Strategy, funded by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund.


5/7/2018 - 1st Menard lab student

Welcome Endji !


4/30/2018 - Grant alert !

Menard lab is grateful to be supported by the Fonds de recherche du Quebec - Santé (FRQS) through a Research Scholar - Junior 1 career award.


3/5/2018 - The lab is now open !

Menard lab is now officially open at the CERVO Brain Research Center in beautiful and snowy Quebec City.